„How Whites Took Over America“

Als Hilfe für diejenigen, die dieses Video mangels Lautsprechern oder Kopfhöreranschluß nur als Stummfilm ansehen können sowie zum Nach- oder Vorauslesen für diejenigen, deren Englischkenntnisse nicht so gut sind, daß sie dem gesprochenen Text problemlos folgen können, habe ich hier nachträglich die von Lucifex erstellte Transkription des Videos eingefügt:

An Bord des Schiffes:

Captain Horus: „This will be perfect for us, Lord Nelson. Imagine what’s waiting for us in this new world.“

Lord Nelson: „Yes, Captain Horus. This will be fantastic.“

Im Indianerdorf:

Indianer kommt aufgeregt zum Häuptling: „Something amazing has happened. Strange men have come to our shore. They are not like us. Their skin shines like the sun, and some of them have hair made of gold. Their sticks make thunder like the gods, and they have huge beasts that fly upon the sea. They are very powerful. We must be careful.“

Anderer Indianer: „What is it they want?“

Häuptling: „We should meet them and see what they want, and what they are doing here. Gather all our warriors, and prepare.“


Begegnung zwischen Weißen und Indianern:

Häuptling: „Well… eh… hello! What are you doing here?“

Captain Horus: „What are we doing here? We came to settle down and live! Why?“

Häuptling: „Live? Are you going to live here?“

Horus: „Yeah! Why do you ask?“

Häuptling: „Are all of you going to live here?“

Horus: „Yeah! You got a problem with it?“

Häuptling: „Well, this is our land! You can’t take our land!“

Horus: „Excuse me! Your land?“

Häuptling: „Yes, our people’s land. It belongs to us. We Indians have lived here for thousands of years.“

Horus:Indians! What’s that?“

Häuptling: „We are Indians.“

Horus: „There is no such thing as an Indian. We are all humans! Oh geez, I didn’t know that such ignorant bigots like you are still around. You really need to be educated.“

Häuptling: „This land belongs to our people.“

Horus: „Our land is your land and your land is my land! We live in a globalized world now, don’t you know? I can’t believe you don’t know that. It’s 1612, for heavens‘ sake. Are you still living in the 1530s or something?“

Häuptling: „We Indians came here before you. You can’t take the land from us!“

Horus: „Are you racist? There are no lands for certain people. Earth is for everybody. We are all humans! ‚Indian‘ is just a social construct.“

Häuptling: „Yes, we might all be humans, but it is still our land. You white men can’t steal it from us. You have no right to do it!“

Horus: „You are imagining things in your racist little mind. We are not taking anything from you! What’s wrong if some of us live here in America? Don’t you know we all have a common African ancestor?“

Häuptling: „It doesn’t matter! You white men are not like us. We are Indians! And this is still our homeland.“

Horus: „You racist Indians are thinking too much in terms of ‚us‘ and ’them‘. You should just accept diversity, and if you do, diversity will be our greatest strength!“

Häuptling: „Can’t you even see with your own eyes that we look different? How hard can that be?“

Horus: „Oh God! There is only one race, the human race! What on Earth are you afraid of? Why would it be such a problem if we white people live here with you? The only problem here is your racism toward us.“

Häuptling: „You will destroy our culture and our way of life.“

Lord Nelson: „Define ‚Indian culture‘, please.“

Häuptling: „What?!“

Nelson: „You just claimed that there was an Indian culture. So now I demanded you define exactly what the Indian culture is.“

Häuptling: „Ah… okay: We eat corn in our village, and we have ceremonies when we dance around fire and the Pogo, the totem pole.“

Nelson: „Well, in Europe we have these white Swedish people who eat falun sausages and dance around the may pole every summer. We are not that different, you see. And what threat is it to your ‚culture‘ anyway if we live here?“

Häuptling: „If you come here and dominate with your culture, it will change our way of life too.“

Nelson: „No no no. If you’re so afraid that your precious little culture will be destroyed by us, let me assure you you can dance around your pathetic totem pole all you want. No one will stop you from doing that. Besides: diversity is our strength, well I thought you know that.“

Indianischer Mathematiker: „But Chief… if you white people come with this amount of ships every day like this, 500 ships a day with 300 people on board, for 80 years, you will eventually be majority in our land.“

Horus: „Whites will take over America? Hahahahaha! That is just a racist Indian neonazi conspiracy theory.“

Mathematiker: „No, it’s not. You will be majority in our land in the future, if present trends continue.“

Horus: „Even if we Whites take over America, who cares? It’s just skin colour! You should not make an issue out of skin colour. After all, it is the person inside that really matters. We all bleed red!“

Häuptling: „It does matter!“

Horus: „America will become a little whiter in the future. Why would you make such a big fuss out of that?“

Häuptling: „It’s not just skin colour. We have different skull shapes, and a lot of other things are different.“

Horus: „Now you are starting to sound like a Nazi. We are 99,9 % genetically the same according to scientific studies. There is only a tiny little genetic difference between us, really tiny. And like I said, even if we Whites do take over America, your smart Indian mathematician here recently just told everyone that it won’t happen for another 80 years. And you’ll all be dead by that anyway, why waste precious little time caring about the future.? You won’t even be alive then. Enjoy your life, it’s too short to go around full of hate. By 1715 we Whites will have integrated into the society, and we’ll all be Indians just like you.“

Häuptling: „It doesn’t matter if you integrate into our culture; you are not one of us!“

Horus: „Just because we are white we are not allowed to be Indians? That is sooo racist!“

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